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About Our Firm

Let's face it…more times than not, when a person requires the services of an attorney, it is because they need help navigating one of the most difficult events in their life. Be it a severe injury accident, the wrongful death of a loved one, an expensive business or real estate dispute, or any other legal dispute, the choice of attorney means everything. Enter Atticus Law. An homage to Harper Lee's iconic literary figure Atticus Finch, the team at Atticus Law believes that every person deserves an attorney driven by compassion, experience, knowledge, and hard work. From day one, Atticus Law utilizes these principles to evaluate every case from multiple perspectives and applies both traditional and outside-the-box legal analysis to craft tailored legal solutions to maximize clients' results while minimizing clients' costs.  

Unlike many other injury attorneys and firms in town, we don't simply try to sign up as many cases and clients as possible and then try to settle quickly, without properly working up the case or preparing it with a trial in mind. Though we do work tirelessly to resolve each case as quickly as possible, from day one, we investigate and prepare your case with the trial in mind to maximize your recovery. We make sure that our clients get proper guidance in all aspects of their case, and we only settle the case when it is appropriate to do so - when we are satisfied that we have obtained the best possible outcome for you given the facts of your case. Whether it is providing guidance on obtaining proper medical treatment, helping to deal with mounting medical bills and healthcare/health provider liens, assisting in recovering your lost wages from missed work, or helping resolve your property damage claim, we strive to maximize your recovery and to ensure that you're leaving nothing on the table when it comes time to settle or try your case before a jury.

Many attorneys and law firms in town have zero trial experience and are unable or afraid to take cases to trial. Often times attorneys and law firms don't have all the resources necessary to properly work up an injury case. Insurance companies know that, pretty much guarantying that you are not getting the most out of your injury claim. Hiring the wrong lawyer means you'll end up settling for less money than if you hired an experienced trial firm, like the team at Atticus Law. Further, the team at Atticus Law has years of prior experience representing insurance companies and their negligent insureds, so we know exactly what insurance companies look for in evaluating and valuing cases. Now we use that knowledge and experience against the insurance companies to get you the most money possible out of your case.  

Our clients also receive the personal attention of their attorney, not just a paralegal or an assistant as is the case with many law firms in town. We also understand that a legal dispute, and the physical, mental, and emotional strain that usually accompany it, often transcend the confines of a normal work week, and so we do our best to be available to our clients whenever they need us. 

All of this amounts to a truly unique attorney/client experience with the focus on obtaining the absolute best possible outcome for your case; an experience we are extremely proud of here at Atticus Law.

Atticus Law helps clients throughout the states of Arizona and Colorado.  

If you require the services of an experienced litigation team anywhere to help you through your injury case, or whatever legal difficulty life has thrown at you, contact Atticus Law today.

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At Atticus Law, PLLC, we focus on Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Business/Contract Disputes, and Real Estate/Construction Matters and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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